RETIRED and CLOSED studio MAY 2018

Marks of the Spark Tattoos
with Alfie & Margie * Retired 2018

Marks of the Spark Tattoos
with Alfie & Margie * Retired 2018

Marks of the Spark Tattoos 
Alfie Lamberger
Marks of the Spark Tattoos 
Alfie Lamberger

Award-winning tattoos


Award-winning tattoo work by Alfie, full-time professional Tattoo artist (twenty-eight awards). Retired 2018. 

Alfie also created custom designs for clients and built custom tattoo machines for his work.

Marks of the Spark Tattoos


What's in a name?

'Marks' (tattoos)

 of the 'Spark' (inner spirit)

Artists and Co-owners


Marks of the Spark was a two-person studio with Alfie & Margie (husband and wife team,  both artists).  Margie originally tattooed with Alfie, and later became manager of the studio.  Alfie and Margie both create artwork in other mediums. Background includes Maryland Institute College of Art.

Original Painting by Alfie Lamberger
Marks of the Spark Tattoos


 "One of the best tattoo experiences I've ever come across... Clean, Comfortable and Friendly... have recommended over and over again.

Alfie and Margie...will work with you on every detail of your piece - big or small - every possible nuance will be spot on.

​Don't worry about lingering for a walk in - you will have to make an appointment - often weeks or months in advance.  Well worth it."

 "This shop is wonderful... I brought in pictures with ideas and Alfie was able to put it together into a tattoo better than I expected.  He is a wonderful artist." 


  • After 25+ years in our original location, the new owner of the building let us know that he would be turning our studio into offices for his construction business. It wasn't practical to relocate (being close to retirement) so we retired in May 2018.  
  • Many Thanks to our clients over the years  - it was great to meet and work with everyone!


  • Universal Precautions
  • All work in compliance with State and Federal Health regulations
  • Aseptic technique
  • Professional, sterile, single-use materials 
  • For your safety: Artist wears single-use, disposable: apron, sleeves and nitrile gloves.  Artist uses disposable protective barriers (single use) for tattoo machines, clip cords, trays, lamps, etc.  ​
  • Sterile bandage 
  • Printed  handout for complete aftercare information 
  • Health Department inspected and approved 

SHOP POLICY   (from opening in 1993 to 2018 retired)

*Drawing fee is non-refundable. Drawings are for work at Marks of the Spark and are held on file for three months. All drawings are property of Marks of the Spark Tattoos.

*Client's reference material must be picked up by client on 'drawing ready' date (shown on signed drawing form) or on date of tattoo appointment.  Marks of the Spark Tattoos is not responsible for material left past these dates.

*Appointment deposit is non-refundable and is usually applied to cost of tattoo. Deposit is forfeited if client does not reschedule appointment (with min. 24 hr. advance notice) to a date within three months of the original appointment date. 

*One Free touch-up, if needed, after following 'care of' handout instructions. For touch-up, set up within 4-6 weeks after original date of work. 

All clients must be 18 + with current State photo ID.

*All Gift certificates were used or had already expired before studio closed.

Marks of the Spark Tattoos is not responsible for unforeseen circumstances for clients, the studio, or choices made by clients; that results in work not completed. 

Notices re: retiring/closing studio were posted on website and social media, as well as at the studio and on forms for clients, starting 9/2017. Forms included signed appointment/drawing forms, signed consent-waiver forms, and  'care of', 'free touch-up' forms.

* Time frames were coordinated with date for closing studio